3 New Tourist Attractions That will Boost Orlando’s Business Scene

By Angel Centeno | October 29, 2014

Orlando, FL is known for its theme parks, sunny days, and amazing attractions.  Over 34 million people traveled to the Orlando airport last year for this very reason.  Now, families can add three more reasons to visit Orlando.


The Orlando Eye is scheduled to open Spring 2015 but it’s already mesmerizing visitors by the sheer vision of its construction.  The new ferris wheel can be seen from surrounding cities, high-rise buildings, and from I-4.  It weighs about 3 million pounds, will be 400 feet tall, and each capsule can fit up to 15 people.

Madame Tussaud’s 19th location will arrive in an unspecified date but the first wax of Selena Gomez has arrived.  The museum will accompany the Orlando Eye in the same building.  The third attraction to enter Orlando is the SeaLife Aquarium, not to be confused with SeaWorld Parks.  Visitors will have the possibility to see sea creatures like sharks, sea turtles, octopuses, and more.

What does this mean for businesses?

The Orlando metro area, which include cities like Kissimmee and Altamonte Springs, sometimes benefit from these attractions.  Route 192 that leads into Walt Disney World is home to countless hotels, motels, stores, malls, restaurants and more.  Having a new aquarium, wax museum, and attraction will only increase traffic to the city and small business owners.

For those who are looking at existing businesses for sale can benefit from this.  Not only does it help the economy, but it creates more jobs for local residents which increases consumer spending.  This project creates a ripple effect that will benefit those who are preparing correctly for it.