Emigrating and Immigrating to Florida

By Steven Barnes | Website

The Moorings Village Pearl of Florida Keys resort, Islamorada Key, Florida Keys, Florida USA

Firstly, please understand that the term “Visa Qualifying” does not in any way mean that a business will be approved for a visa. That is something that only the United States Immigration Services can decide. What it does is tell you that the seller has agreed that he or she will accept a visa contingent offer, and is willing to wait the time required in order to get approval. This also means that the seller is aware and agreeable that if, for some reason, a buyer were denied a visa, the contract would be come null and void, and that any and all deposits placed in escrow will be returned to the buyer. It is also good for a buyer in the respect that the seller is aware that Immigration will review the company being sold, and that all documentation must be factual and provable. As a buyer, it really is a good line of defense for you. Immigration cannot ensure that businesses will make money, but they can be sure that it is a real business.

In order to be successful with your visa application, you must be able to file substantial and meaningful documentation, and show that the money you intend to invest, both comes from you personally and that it is placed ” At Risk”. What this means is that you can not say you want to buy a business, but not commit to it. Once you have found the right business, you will need to write a contract and place the monies to purchase the business in escrow.

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