Would You Have Purchased London’s Smallest Home?

By Angel Centeno | Google+ | October 27, 2014

There was trend a couple years ago of how small an item can go.  Computers started to get slimmer, phones became smaller, and the whole world seemed to start going “micro”.  It is hard to ignore that this trend has started to change in recent years. If you walk down the street, you may run into a few people who have phones bigger than their faces.  Now, it’s all about space.  Could you apply these trends to a home?

“The one-room home was on the market for three weeks for £275,000, but estate agents Winkworth would not confirm the exact figure it was sold for.  They said it proved popular with potential buyers and was viewed more than 220,000 times online.”*

£275,000 converted to U.S dollars is almost $350,000.  Being in the heart of Barnsbury, London may have driven that price point.

There are a couple more images on this property but, to be honest, one picture is all it takes to see the complete house.  Once you walk inside, the kitchen is to your right.  The toilet is inside the shower (seriously) and the living room is also the stairs that lead to the loft, where the bed is located.  This is a whole new level of “micro.”

Imagine this in the sunshine state! We are comparing oranges to apples since the market and culture is different in Florida than it is in London. So, we ask: Would you have purchased this property in Florida?

* Sources: Alexandra Rucki | London Evening Standard | http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/londons-smallest-home-sold-after-just-three-weeks-on-market-9813885.html