The Revamp of Interstate 4 in Orlando

Interstate 4 (I-4) in Orlando has been a headache for commuters for quite some time now.  The combination of inexperienced tourists, angry drivers, and casual drivers create the trifecta of traffic jams.  With no hope in sight, many Orlando residents have come to accept this fate.  That is about to change.

FDOT has released some new information on Nov. 3 to the Orlando City Council.  It seems like this project may be underway sooner than was expected.  This six-year long project which will cost about $2.3 billion will be the best thing to happen in Orlando.  Commuters will have to endure six years of construction but the reward will alleviate all concerns. i4-ultimate

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So what can business owners and home owners expect from this?  The development phase may present some obstacles for clients but it will only increase after the project is done.

Since there will be 53 new bridges in this project, Downtown Orlando will inherit a new “bridge district” in where events will be held under the interstate.  The bridge district can house new businesses that live the Downtown Orlando lifestyle.

Orlando highways wouldn’t be Orlando highways without tolls so expect a four variable-priced tolled express lanes in the median lanes.

This project is big but it has to be done for Orlando to progress as a city and the preferred tourist location.  What do you hope this I-4 project will bring to Orlando?  Will this increase real estate value and business sales?