2015′s Best & Worst Cities to Find a Job | WalletHub®

We all know the job market is on the rise.  Orlando is on a climb with brand new attractions coming soon and business are being created constantly.  That is why we found it interesting that we are higher on the list of WalletHub’s 2015 Best & Worst Cities to find a job.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is expected that a number of professions and industries are expected to grow within the next 10-20 years. For specific occupations, dental hygienists, home health aides, marketing research analysts, medical secretaries, personal care aides, and physical therapists all have a projected growth rate of 30 percent or greater. With regard to career industries, cyber security, engineering, higher education, computing, health and health technology careers all have excellent occupational forecasts.


The city of Orlando is at #83 of 150 cities surveyed.  Orlando has beat neighboring cities like Hialeah (#147), Tallahassee (#130), Miami (#123), and Saint Petersburg (#100). Tampa is representing Florida being listed at #24.  The best city to find a job in 2015 is Seattle!